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  Distinguished chief of the Training Division of Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of People’s Republic of China (PRC) , Ms. Zhang Qian.

  Distinguished Director of Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, Guizhou Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ms. Fu Weining.

  Your honorable Mr. Liu Yuanming, and project assistants and translators Ms. Ma Xiaoke and Ms. Dong Nike.

  My fellow country representatives.

  All protocols observed, I salute you.

  My name is Stephen Kyalo from Kenya, the Africa Continent.

  I wish to take this golden opportunity as you invite us to register our sincere appreciations for the Chinese government through the Division Chief, Ms. Zhang Qian, and specially for the Ministry of Commerce for sponsoring the Seminar that we have been undertaking and that we are celebrating here and now in he closing ceremony. We are deeply indebted to say a very big thank you to the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for organizing the seminar.

  The program was so well packaged that for the past three weeks we have been around, no boredom caught up with us. Indeed, time flew so fast that we cannot believe that our stay here is almost over. We acknowledge that we have learnt a lot from the lectures and field visits that we have made especially in Guizhou Province. And therefore, we can confidently say we have a clear message to take back home. However, everyone will hear me to say that whatever we have learnt is just an iceberg and therefore there is much more to learn from your country. Nevertheless, we all understand that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and that Rome was not built in one day. That is to say that China started with a single step and progressively moved up to the current level of development level which is unmatchable.

  Consequently, I wish to reiterate that our countries can borrow a leaf from China and move to the next level. With good governance, good policies, people’s trust, and suitable political environment, growth and development of a country’s economy is achievable.

  Our welfare issues were properly looked into. Domestic travelling by both air and road was well coordinated. The rooms we slept were booked in high-class hotels, where maximum security was highly guaranteed. We are grateful that no cases of theft were reported. We had a variety of meals, sometimes at the hotel and other time at the field. For sure, we enjoyed exploring the country as we visited some of the famous tourist attraction sites, such as the Great Wall and other fascinating sites.

  Whenever we encountered challenges of language barrier, stop gap measure was so effective that Xiaoke and Nike always intervened to translate for us to ensure continuous flow of information. Here again, I would sincerely thank the government of the PRC for giving us an opportunity to your country and for the care upon us. Ms. Division Chief, please accept our acknowledgement.

  (Let’s give a clap!)

  To my fellow participants, ladies and gentlemen,

  I wish to commend you for nominating me to represent you in this ceremony. You took the shortest time to agree. To me, it is a great honor and privilege. Thank you for shielding your ambitions to give me time and space to convey our heartfelt appreciations on your behalf and my own behalf.

  It has been a nice stay with you here from the first day we met for this outstanding seminar throughout to this hour. Your cooperation interatction and care for one another has contributed a lot to the success of this course. At first we struggled a lot to cope up with the Chinese foods, but within a very short time since we are all fast learners, we found ourselves enjoying the same food. We appreciate the cultural diversities. For each one of us, something that has seen us adapt and coexist as a family. In fact, we have synchronized ourselves so much that saying a good bye is becoming a problem. Many of us cannot believe that this is our last meeting for this course for us this year. Such a gathering will forever be missed and remembered by many of us.

  However, I believe the Chinese government will continue organizing more and more such seminars for our countries in the spirit of cooperation as we highlighted during presentation of our our country reports. In Africa, there is a wise saying that states, “A good turn deserve another”, that is to say that if China gives us another opportunity, we will not hesitate to come.

  My message to you ladies and gentlemen is that when you go back home, write good reports and make a difference. My humble request to Chinese government or program organizers is that if possible, for future cooperation and within the available means, please include a day for participants to officially visit their respective embassies and high commissioners’ offices in China.

  With those few remarks, I sincerely say thank you to everyone and wish everyone God’s favor and blessing back home as we look forward to meet again in the future. Asanteni sana!译文
















  我想用这短短数语来诚挚感谢你们所有人,也希望主的恩赐能照耀你们所有人。希望回国之后,我们能再次见面。 Asanteni sana!


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